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Uruguay is the 91st largest export economy in the world. In 2016, Uruguay exported $7.81B and imported $8.53B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $728M. In 2016 the GDP of Uruguay was $52.4B and its GDP per capita was $21.6k.

The top exports of Uruguay are Sulfate Chemical Woodpulp ($1.14B), Frozen Bovine Meat ($1.06B), Rice ($415M), Bovine Meat ($381M) and Concentrated Milk ($363M), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are Crude Petroleum ($633M), Electric Generating Sets ($440M), Cars ($328M), Broadcasting Equipment ($214M) and Delivery Trucks ($167M).

The top export destinations of Uruguay are China ($1.31B), Brazil ($1.22B), the United States ($482M), the Netherlands ($446M) and Argentina ($441M). The top import origins are China ($1.56B), Brazil ($1.54B), Argentina ($1.11B), the United States ($584M) and Germany ($389M).

Uruguay borders Argentina and Brazil.

Economic Complexity of Uruguay

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