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西撒哈拉 verb_is the 232nd largest export economy in the world. In 2013, 西撒哈拉 exported $1.75 Millions and imported $722 Thousands, resulting in a positive trade balance of $1.03 Millions.

The top exports 西撒哈拉 are 电话 ($662 Thousands), 软体动物 ($578 Thousands), 模型和毛绒动物 ($190 Thousands), 空气泵 ($103 Thousands) and 汽车零件 ($47.7 Thousands), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are 电话 ($203 Thousands), 汽车零件 ($101 Thousands), 燃气轮机 ($80.1 Thousands), 其他调制食品 ($60.4 Thousands) and 广播配件 ($37 Thousands).

The top export destinations 西撒哈拉 are 美国 ($718 Thousands), 日本 ($578 Thousands), 爱尔兰 ($214 Thousands), 委内瑞拉 ($152 Thousands) and 墨西哥 ($23.5 Thousands). The top import origins are 俄国 ($201 Thousands), 美国 ($141 Thousands), 德国 ($98.5 Thousands), 日本 ($81.9 Thousands) and 乌克兰 ($80.1 Thousands).

西撒哈拉 borders 阿尔及利亚, 摩洛哥 and 毛里塔尼亚 by land and 西班牙 by sea.

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