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印尼 verb_is the 24th largest export economy in the world. In 2016, 印尼 exported $140 Billions and imported $132 Billions, resulting in a positive trade balance of $8.07 Billions. In 2016 the GDP 印尼 was $932 Billions and its GDP per capita was $11.6 Thousands.

The top exports 印尼 are 棕榈油 ($14.4 Billions), 蜂窝煤 ($11.9 Billions), 石油天然气 ($6.22 Billions), 原油 ($4.93 Billions) and 珠宝 ($3.97 Billions), using the 1992 revision of the HS (Harmonized System) classification. Its top imports are 精炼石油 ($9.9 Billions), 原油 ($6.73 Billions), 电话 ($3.56 Billions), 汽车零件 ($2.56 Billions) and 小麦 ($2.41 Billions).

The top export destinations 印尼 are 中国 ($16.8 Billions), 美国 ($16.2 Billions), 日本 ($16.1 Billions), 新加坡 ($11.2 Billions) and 印度 ($10.1 Billions). The top import origins are 中国 ($32.1 Billions), 新加坡 ($25.8 Billions), 日本 ($11.3 Billions), 马来西亚 ($6.67 Billions) and 韩国 ($6.61 Billions).

印尼 borders 马来西亚, 东帝汶 and 巴布亚新几内亚 by land and 圣诞岛, 印度, 菲律宾, 新加坡, 泰国, 越南, 澳大利亚 and 帕劳 by sea.

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