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饭 the 202nd most traded product and the 1154th most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

The top exporters of 饭 are 印度 ($5.32 Billions), 美国 ($1.78 Billions), 巴基斯坦 ($1.7 Billions), 意大利 ($564 Millions) and 阿联酋 ($458 Millions). The top importers are 中国 ($1.59 Billions), 阿联酋 ($844 Millions), 贝宁 ($773 Millions), 美国 ($714 Millions) and 印尼 ($531 Millions).

饭 the top import of 贝宁.

饭 also known as 粮谷.

饭 a 4 digit HS92 product.

饭 Trade

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