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包装的药剂 the 7th most traded product and the 399th most complex product according to the Product Complexity Index (PCI).

The top exporters of 包装的药剂 are 德国 ($55.5 Billions), 瑞士 ($41.8 Billions), 美国 ($38.1 Billions), 爱尔兰 ($27.7 Billions) and 法国 ($27.3 Billions). The top importers are 美国 ($74.4 Billions), 德国 ($30.2 Billions), 比利时 ($23.5 Billions), 联合王国 ($21.2 Billions) and 日本 ($18 Billions).

包装的药剂 also known as 药, 抗生素, 青霉素, 链霉素, 胰岛素, 激素, 生物碱.

包装的药剂 a 4 digit HS92 product.

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